We are a not-profit Foundation that has two main distinct objectives:

OBJECTIVE 1: Promotion of the use of bicycle and cycling in general

  • 1.1 In general, any activity that promotes, divulges and develops cycling.
  • 1.2 Distribution of bicycles to disadvantaged groups.
  • 1.3 To seek awareness of the society about cycling as a source of health.
  • 1.4 To promote the habitual use of the bicycle as means of locomotion and transport.

OBJECTIVE 2: Fight against Stroke

  • 2.1 Raise awareness among the general population and the health authorities of the enormous social impact of stroke.
  • 2.2 To improve the general population’s knowledge of stroke, especially its symptoms, preventive measures and how to act when it occurs.
  • 2.3 Help patients with stroke have better neurological care.
  • 2.4 In general, any activity that results in the benefit of publicizing the stroke.
Thank you for your support and interest.
Alberto Contador Velasco