New normality, new donations. The project Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA gave sixteen bicycles to the Dragones de Lavapiés (Dragons of Lavapies, into english), much more than just a sports club. “The idea of Dragones has always been to build community through football, taking advantage of the diversity of the neighbourhood,” said Jorge Bolaños, president of the club in a recent report published in Marca. The event took place on Thursday 2 July, in what was the first installment since the state of emergency was declared.

The Dragones de Lavapiés were born in 2014 with a clear vocation to stimulate the integration of the numerous immigrant families settled in the neighbourhood, without forgetting those who were socially excluded. Almost 40 countries are represented among the two hundred players distributed among the different categories, both boys and girls. There are dragons male. And there are dragons female.

Football activity has gone much further with the implementation of cultural and recreational activities with young people. With the cessation of economic activity due to the coronavirus, the club has become a channel of help for those most affected economically. The collateral damage of the health emergency. A great social work is that of the Dragons with which Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA has wanted to collaborate. The delivery of the bicycles, in which the preventive measures were not lost of focus, gave a very festive morning.

“Since Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA was born, we have distributed several hundreds of bicycles in Spain, Morocco and Senegal, and there have been many experiences and unforgettable moments. Very special experiences. But this visit to the Dragones de Lavapiés undoubtedly has a special place among them all. It is the first delivery of bicycles since the coronavirus outbreak. But also for discovering and thanking the great work that the Dragons of Lavapies do not only for their neighborhood, but also for society”, reflects Paco Romero, responsible for Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA.

(automatic translation, sorry for mistakes)