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Alberto Contador Foundation grows with a U23 team in 2014

Alberto Contador Foundation will grow in 2014 with the launch of an U23 team, which is in addition to the U19 team and Pinto’s Cycling Academy, bringing the quarry project driven by Alberto Contador continues its growth and consolidation.

Jose Luis de Santos will take over the direction of this new team, which will maintain the name ‘Specialized-Alberto Contador Foundation’ and will have 15 very young riders, all of first and second year (19 and 20 years old), of which 6 are from the U19 team and the rest are new additions.

The U19 team, meanwhile, will have the same number of cyclists, including riders from last season, and will be under the technical direction of another great former professional rider, Felix Garcia Casas, current head of the Adapted Cycling National Team, a position compatible with this new responsibility.

Fran Contador, responsible and manager of the Foundation, noted that this new team “is part of our project to support cycling and is specially directed to complete the formation of U19 riders, who are offered a place to grow without excessive pressure for results. What we want is to adapt to the category and give them time to become cyclists, because our goal is long-term”. At the same time, points that has been instrumental “to count on the loyalty and support of all our sponsors, who are betting unconditionally for this exciting project”.

The calendar will focus on ride the best national tests, but with a clear international vocation, participating in top level racings in France, Italy and Belgium, with the main objective that riders increase their knowledge of the European cycling and competing alongside the best in their category.


Renewals: Víctor Aguado, Iosu Angoitia, Óscar Linares, Enric Mas, Pablo Noriega y Cristian Torres.

Incomings: Miguel Ángel Aguilera, David Calmaestra, Juan Camacho, David Casillas, Juan Antonio López-Cózar, Diego Noriega, Pello Olaberria, Elías Ortiz y David de Pablos.

Outcomings: Álvaro Cuadros (Etixx-iHNed).

Renewals: Miguel Ángel Alcaide, Miguel Ángel Ballesteros, Fernando Barceló, Sergio Fernández, Juanjo Pazos, Fran Pérez, Diego Pablo Sevilla.

Incomings: Antonio Barbero, Joan Bou, Guillem Cassú, Ángel Fuentes, José Antonio García, Javier Hernández Blanco, Sergio Hernández Jiménez y José Félix Parra.