Present in the genesis of the project from its first steps, in 2012, the Association AMP Somos Diferencia will continue to work intensely with the Alberto Contador Foundation in the development of the initiative Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA. Margarita Medrano, its president, and Francisco Javier Contador, representing the Foundation, signed this Tuesday the agreement by which both institutions continue with their collaboration.

Through a workshop set up for this purpose, the AMP has been in charge of repairing and tuning the bicycles, and sometimes also of receiving and preparing some of the shipments, both nationally and abroad. Dedicated to the search for the full integration of people with intellectual disabilities or functional diversity, the AMP finds in Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA an activity that, on the one hand, offers training and the acquisition of skills and, on the other, also stimulates the perception that this work brings well-being to other people.

Margarita Medrano, president of the AMP: “We are delighted, it is fabulous to continue this collaboration. The kids themselves were looking forward to it. We see them enjoying themselves and we see how they believe in the project. It gives them a lot. Many times it is not perceived that people with disabilities are also capable of giving much to society. And for our collective it is something fundamental. Projects like this one are basic for the social change of that perception, so that it can be seen that we can all contribute things to society. I like to talk about ‘creating networks’: it is essential that we help each other”.

“We are very proud to work side by side with the AMP, an institution that has been doing fabulous work for a long time with the integration of people with disabilities. For us it is very special, very nice, that the activities of the Foundation can also be involved in some way in this work. We face a common path in which both institutions support each other and support each other,” says Fran Contador.

“It is something that we like to highlight: Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA is much more than a project focused on the distribution of obsolete bicycles”, says Paco Romero, the head of the program at Alberto Contador Foundation. “We also believe that it is a means of channelling different lines of action in the field of volunteers and solidarity. From our point of view it is an excellent generator of synergies. And this work with the WAP is a good example”.

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