FEMADDI, AMP Pinto and the Fundación Contador, united to bring cycling to people with intellectual disabilities

The Fundación Alberto Contador, AMP Pinto and the Madrid Sports Federation for the Intellectually Disabled (FEMADDI) have joined forces to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.

Cycling is the fundamental activity around which this agreement revolves. The three institutions are promoting a collaboration agreement to overcome the administrative barrier that will also allow people with intellectual disabilities to cycle.

Until now, this group has not had the same consideration as other groups with functional diversity when it comes to managing licences or gaining access.

From the Alberto Contador Foundation and the AMP Association we have been working for months to implement a programme that allows the integration in the Cycling Academy and Adapted Cycling to all interested people, with and without disabilities, who want to practice cycling.

The signing of the protocol was staged by Ángel Arévalo, on behalf of Femaddi, Margarita Medrano, on behalf of the AMP, and Francisco Javier Contador, representing the Fundación Contador.


Cáritas Murcia receives a donation of 18 bikes from Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA

The Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA project took to the road again this Friday to travel to the Region of Murcia, where it made an important delivery of material. The first one to take place after the summer.

The facilities of Cáritas Murcia were the recipients early this Friday afternoon of 18 bicycles with which this institution will carry out different actions in its field of action. Ángel López, responsible for the logistics of the project, was in charge of the delivery.

As it has been happening in previous donations, the boys of AMP Pinto were in charge of preparing all the bicycles that were going to be given to Cáritas Murcia.


Fundación Freno al Ictus and Fundación Alberto Contador promote the second edition of ‘Pedalea Contra el Ictus’

The main objective of ‘Pedalea contra el Ictus’ is to improve the situation of this disease in Spain, making it visible among the population and serving as a vehicle for raising funds to be allocated to social projects that favour and improve the inclusion of the affected person in our society. One of the biggest problems with stroke is the lack of visibility and the great lack of knowledge that society has about it. Stroke affects 120,000 families a year in Spain, is the leading cause of death in women in our country, is the world’s leading cause of acquired disability in adults and is the second leading cause of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease.

The Fundación Freno al Ictus and the Fundación Alberto Contador invite you to pedal against stroke, from 22 to 31 October, in the second edition of this social, family and sporting walk, to promote the fight against this disease. As in the previous edition, this edition of ‘Pedalea contra el Ictus’ has been organised in a virtual format to facilitate mass participation by the general public.

Both foundations, in their ongoing commitment to society and in their fight against stroke, promote this initiative, whose primary objective is to improve the situation of stroke in our country, raising awareness of the disease among the population and serving as a vehicle for raising funds to be allocated to social projects on information, research and inclusion of those affected in our community.

In this sense, Julio Agredano, president of the Fundación Freno al Ictus stressed that “this initiative will allow us to raise funds that will be allocated to projects that favour and improve the inclusion of those affected in our society. One of the biggest problems with stroke is the lack of visibility and the lack of knowledge about it, with ‘Pedalea contra el Ictus’ we are taking the disease to the streets, in order to inform about its high prevention and the importance of identifying it in time”.

The organisers point out that it is not a competitive race, ‘Pedalea contra el Ictus’ is a popular walk to which family and friends are invited to participate and join in the fight against the disease, walking, running, pedalling all add up in the fight against stroke. This initiative has the experience of RPM-MKTG as organiser and the endorsement and recognition of social interest of the Fundación Freno al Ictus and the Spanish Society of Neurology, with Alberto Contador as an exceptional sponsor who, through his Foundation, is at the forefront of the fight against stroke.

For his part, Alberto Contador, points out that “this coming 29 October we once again have a whole day ahead of us to highlight the value of a disease such as stroke, about which there is greater social awareness every day thanks to the work of many institutions, professionals and groups who work very hard both to publicise it and to generate healthy habits to prevent it and to investigate its impact and combat its after-effects once it has occurred. Much remains to be done, but important steps have been taken at all levels in recent years. For the second year in a row, we are joining all the events related to this beautiful initiative that was so well received by the public last year. An initiative that we will continue for a week. The situation is different, the mobility restrictions are far from the same as last year at this time, but our idea of turning ‘Pedalea contra el Ictus’ into a physical event still has to wait a little while. While that is still possible, we once again believe in this formula through which we will raise money to be used entirely for social projects linked to stroke.

As a result of the great success of the first edition of the solidarity action ‘Pedalea contra el Ictus’, the Fundación Freno al Ictus and the Alberto Contador Foundation gave Deporte para DCA a total of 4,241.79 euros. The project is committed to physical activity as a tool for the inclusion of patients with different degrees of affectation, through sports with official active competition, such as swimming, athletics, women’s football, boccia and soon adapted cycling. Likewise, Deporte para DCA is also committed to Paralympic sport for young people with acquired brain damage.

In this second edition, ‘Pedalea contra el Ictus’ will take place in a virtual format, offering participants the opportunity to join in at any time during the period from 22 to 31 October, coinciding with World Stroke Day (29 October).

The foundations are providing those interested with an information platform www.pedaleacontraelictus.es where participants can manage their registration and an app where they can take and upload photos of their participation to give it visibility through social networks with the hashtag #yopedaleocontraelictus.

Stroke affects 120,000 families a year in Spain, is the leading cause of death in women in our country, is the world’s leading cause of acquired disability in adults and is the second leading cause of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease. However, it is a highly preventable and treatable disease, with 90% of strokes being preventable by modifying our lifestyle habits linked to personal health promotion. Furthermore, it is a pathology in which reaction time is fundamental for the correct evolution and treatment of the sequelae it causes.

💻 Pedalea contra el Ictus.

The Fundación Contador Race for Cycling Academies returns with a rainy edition

IV Carrera de Escuelas Fundación Contador
Pinto (Madrid)

A celebration of academies cycling that not even the rain could avoid. The Contador Foundation Race for Cycling Academies celebrated this Sunday its fourth edition, concretizing its return to the calendar after last year’s forced break due to COVID-19. The event, the last race of the Madrid Community Cycling Academies calendar, had more than 230 registered riders and representation of cycling schools from Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Extremadura, Principality of Asturias and Community of Madrid.

The competitions ended up being waterlogged, at times quite intense, and as a result of the action of the liquid element there were some crashes, fortunately without serious consequences.

“It’s a pity that the weather was so bad, but all the participants have shown that they are real champions. They got soaked, but their enthusiasm was more than enough. This is the future. And not from the point of view of great riders, but from the point of view of people. Cycling offers some very beautiful and very important values that contribute many things to the development of children. The ability to overcome, companionship, not giving up and not giving in, getting up after a fall…”, said Alberto Contador, master of ceremonies, after the races.

The 1.7 km circuit with the Juan Pablo II avenue in Pinto as the axis hosted again, over different distances, the development of all the races. Samuel Muñoz Yustas (Picota Bike Valle del Jerte) and Noelia Encinar Olmedilla (Rodríguez Magro E.C.) were the winners in the Beginners category. In the alevin category the triumph went to Lucas García Rodríguez (Illescas Club Ciclista) and Vega Iglesias Diaz (Caja Rural Salamanca – Promesal). Marina Carpio Pascual (Independiente) triumphed in the female Promesas category. In the men’s Infantil race, the winner was Adrián Prieto de la Torre (Emico-Emi-Bembibre).

The fourth edition of the Alberto Contador Foundation Cycling Academies Race had the collaboration of the City Council of Pinto, the Plaza Éboli Shopping Centre, the E.Leclerc supermarket in Pinto, the restaurant La Barbería de Pinto, the Madrid Cycling Federation and the multinational cycling company Rotor Bike Components. Many thanks to all the clubs that attended, as well as to all the family and friends of the participants who came on a difficult day in terms of weather.

📷 Marian Molina 

The Fundación Alberto Contador Cycling Academies Race returns to the streets of Pinto on October 3rd

IV Cycling Academies Race
Pinto (Madrid): October 3

The Fundación Alberto Contador Cycling Academies Race returns to the forefront after the postponement of the last edition due to the complexity of its implementation in view of the health situation, mobility restrictions and control measures implemented by the various authorities. With a more benign moment in the socio-health, but without the possibility of an absolute relaxation in the protection measures and in the control of capacity, the Contador Foundation and the City Council of Pinto will launch what will be the fourth edition this coming Sunday, October 3.

This fourth edition has the particularity that only federated competitions will be held for the different training categories, between 6 and 14 years old. In contrast to previous editions of popular competitions, this year’s 2021 edition will be limited to purely competitive events. The organisers have opted for this measure in order to contain the capacity and crowds, giving priority to the continuity of the race and with a view to 2022 in order to be able to launch the competition in all its glory. The circuit will once again be the 1.8 kilometre course in the La Tenería neighbourhood.

“We are delighted to be able to organise the Carrera de Escuelas again. It is very important for us, even more so in our aim to raise awareness of cycling and cycling as a sport for children. Last year, when we announced the postponement, we talked about how timely and exceptional the decision was. And so it was, although with the nuance that its recovery as it was organised last time could not be total, i.e. free competitions for schools and popular races on a closed circuit. It was not possible, because the situation has improved but the regulations still demand certain requirements, and in the dilemma between not holding the event for the second year or holding it partially, we opted for the second option, because it seemed to us that another year without a race was out of the question. For us, all the popular races are fundamental and they will come back in the future, without a doubt”, explains Fran Contador, manager of the Contador Foundation.

Paco Romero, responsible for Marketing and Sponsor Relations within the Foundation: “It is a joy to be able to organise our Foundation Schools Race again after a year’s break due to the pandemic; after all we have suffered, months of being locked up and restrictions, to be able to see children from all over Spain enjoying themselves on the bike again is a great satisfaction. Unfortunately this year we are unable to hold the popular race due to restrictions on participants, but next year we will return with more enthusiasm if possible, more strength and with much more youth participation, to be able to give colour to this sport that unites us. The help of the Pinto City Council and our friends from the Plaza Eboli Shopping Centre, who have collaborated to make the event possible, have been fundamental for the organization of the event. We also have to thank Leclerc Pinto, Rotor and La Capilla restaurant for their support, as they have done in the past years”.

In the last edition of the Carrera de Escuelas, in 2019, more than 235 boys and girls from all over Spain took part, with another hundred taking part in the popular races. Registration for this year’s event can be made through the website of the Madrid Cycling Federation.

Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA delivers 26 bicycles between San Juan de Alicante, Getafe and the Carabanchel neighbourhood in Madrid

The Alberto Contador Foundation, through its solidarity project Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA, has delivered 26 bicycles between the towns of San Juan de Alicante (Valencia) and Getafe (Madrid) and the capital’s Carabanchel neighbourhood (Madrid, Madrid). This distribution has taken place in the centres of the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR) in these locations.

The largest batch was delivered to the centre in San Juan de Alicante, where eleven saddles were deposited. In Getafe, meanwhile, nine bikes were delivered. The remaining six were donated to the Carabanchel facilities. As has been the case in recent deliveries, a large part of the bicycles came from the very generous donation made by Clear Channel with funds from the fleet that provided service in the Barcelona loan system.

Ángel López, the project’s logistics manager, was accompanied on the delivery expeditions by Noemi and Luis, two of the boys from AMP Pinto who collaborate in a fundamental way with the project in the revision and tuning of the bicycles. “It is very nice and rewarding to be able to do something like this and I will definitely do it more times”, said Luis, who was making his debut in this experience.

Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA is publicly grateful for the great reception that any delivery event always has among the recipients, although what is really important is that all the bicycles donated either by individuals, companies or institutions have a second life in which they can offer help and support to their new users. Further donations will be made in the coming weeks.

Twelve bicycles for the Rodríguez Penalva Centre in the andalusian town of Huéscar

The Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA initiative of the Fundación Contador has once again travelled to Andalusia to deliver twelve bicycles to the Rodríguez Penalva residence located near the town of Huéscar (Granada).

These bicycles, most of them coming from the generous donation made weeks ago by Clear Channel, will allow the professionals of the centre to set up different projects related to physical activity and leisure with the residents. The residence, not in vain, is located in a privileged natural environment, in the Los Morales estate.

This gerontological centre, managed by the Diputación Provincial and under the auspices of the Consejería para la Igualdad y Bienestar Social de la Junta de Andalucía, has almost a hundred places for dependent people who suffer from some kind of physical and/or mental disorder.

Ángel López, logistics manager of Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA, received a small plaque of thanks from the centre’s managers, who also offered a warm welcome to this delivery.

Triple delivery in Malaga city for the initiatives of the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR)

The Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA project travelled this Saturday to the city of Malaga to donate 23 bicycles to three of the centres that the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR) has in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Ten bicycles were delivered to the main centre of the NGO in the city, two more donations were distributed in the accommodation with which CEAR works in Málaga. Twenty-three bicycles managed by CEAR offer many possibilities for their humanitarian projects. “We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the donation made by the Alberto Contador Foundation as part of the Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA project. These 23 bicycles are not only an additional means of transport for CEAR users, but also a huge step on their difficult path towards full inclusion in society and access to employment”, says Francisco Cansino, territorial coordinator of CEAR in Eastern Andalusia.

The Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid is an NGO that has been working since 1979 with refugees and migrants, a group that due to their situation are at severe risk of social exclusion, to defend their rights, offer them protection, provide them with accommodation and facilitate a dignified daily life. Much of the donated material comes from Clear Channel’s recent generous contribution to the Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA project.

“One of the most important qualities of the Alberto Contador Foundation and specifically of the Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA Project is its cross-cutting nature, which is why we wanted to do something big, and different from the donations we have been making lately, we wanted to support one of the most vulnerable groups and at greatest risk of social exclusion that may be living at this time due to the social stigmatisation they are suffering, such as refugees”, explains Paco Romero, responsible for the project within the Foundation.

“The good relationship we have with CEAR has allowed us to provide bicycles to young people without resources, with two distinct objectives, one of them, to provide them with a leisure tool, so important for them considering that they come from territories where conflicts are their “daily bread”; and, on the other hand, to offer them an element of transport that allows them to join the labour market, and help them to get that second chance they have come to look for. With this multiple delivery in different parts of the national geography we want to demonstrate the commitment of the Contador Foundation with society in general and with the most disadvantaged groups in particular”, he says.

Clear Channel donates one hundred bicycles to the Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA project of the Fundación Contador

The Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA project of the Fundación Contador has received a generous donation of a hundred bicycles from the multinational Clear Channel. The company, one of the leading firms in the outdoor advertising sector with a presence in 23 countries and on three continents, also operates a bike sharing service in cities in 9 different countries, including Zaragoza in Spain. The bicycles delivered to the solidarity initiative of the Fundación Contador together with the Czech automobile company ŠKODA and the Fundación Seur come from the fleet that provided service in the Barcelona loan system.

Jordi Sáez, CEO of Clear Channel Spain and Market Leader for Southern Europe comments: “We are an advertising company, but with a very clear vision: in addition to being a platform for brands, we can also be a platform for social good. Our decisions as a company are aimed at giving something back to society, our corporate mission is “A Platform for Brands & A Platform For Good”. And this donation is part of this concept. For more than ten years we managed “Bicing”, Barcelona’s public bicycle system, but two years ago we stopped managing it. We had a large fleet of bicycles, in good condition, of high quality, which we began to redistribute among other business units. Even so, at our facilities in Zaragoza we had many stationary bicycles, so we looked for an institution that could make good use of them before they ended up being scrapped. And so we contacted both Bicis para la Vida and Bicicletas sin Fronteras. They are great bikes, practically indestructible, accessible to all users, in perfect condition. They are bikes that offer many possibilities”.

Paco Romero, responsible for the project within the Fundación Alberto Contador: “Thanks to this important donation from Clear Channel we will be able to start new deliveries in the coming weeks. The bicycles are in perfect condition, our collaborators of the AMP of Pinto have only had to make some small adjustments to the first bicycles that we already have in our facilities. As the number of bicycles is very important, the Seur Foundation is going to collaborate even more intensely in this action by taking charge of the logistics of all the units that still have to be collected, which are many. We are very grateful to Clear Channel, as a company, and to the team of people who have been involved in making this project a reality”.

Bicis para la Vida is a solidarity initiative promoted by the Fundación Contador and the Fundación Seur that dates back to 2012, when the first collection of bicycles took place in parallel to the Vuelta a España. In October 2018, ŠKODA intensified its involvement by sponsoring a project whose main objective is to give unused bicycles a second life by donating them to underprivileged groups, or those at risk of exclusion, and isolated communities in Third World or developing countries.

Clear Channel Spain is part of Clear Channel Europe. Clear Channel Europe is the European division of one of the global leaders in outdoor advertising, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCO). Clear Channel Europe’s portfolio spans 17 markets with 16,000 digital and 400,000 conventional media, directly managed by 2,900 employees. Clear Channel Spain’s portfolio comprises mainly street furniture and shopping centre media with over 40,000 media and is a leader in the digital transformation of the sector. Its vision is to create the future of media by transforming assets for the benefit of its institutional and advertising clients through data-driven innovations and new infrastructures. Its purpose is to provide a platform for both brands and social good, helping to achieve brands’ media objectives while having a positive impact on the world around us.

Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA delivers 30 bicycles to the Servicio de Protección a la Emergencia

The Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA project of the Fundación Contador travelled to Catalonia this Saturday to deliver thirty bicycles to the Servicio de Protección a la Emergencia at one of its locations in the province of Barcelona.

This institution works with girls, minors, who have been at social risk due to trafficking in women in any of its different circumstances, from prostitution to the organ trade and forced marriages.

“Our work is dedicated to the physical and psychological recovery of the girls. The youngest is 12 years old and the oldest is 18. For our team of technicians, from psychologists to therapists, sport, movement, is a fundamental axis of action”, explains David Rodríguez, head of the centre and one of the members of his team.

“When we found out about this project of the Contador Foundation, we thought it was a fantastic opportunity to be able to continue developing this work with the girls. The bicycles are a fantastic tool and will allow us to make great strides in this work”, he continues.

Alongside Ángel López, the project’s logistics manager, Joan Massallé, ŠKODA’s Sponsoring & Events Manager in Spain, was also present at the event.

The support of the Czech automobile company and the SEUR Foundation are fundamental for the existence and development of this project of the Contador Foundation, whose objective is to give a second life to bicycles that are no longer in use and that this second life takes place among disadvantaged groups or those at risk of social exclusion.