The Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA project continues to expand its presence throughout the peninsula. The second installment of this 2020 has had as its destination the Basque Country, specifically the beautiful city of San Sebastian. Last Friday, in La Bella Easo, the delivery of 18 bicycles to the Association of Relatives and People with Mental Health Problems of Guipuzcoa (AGIFES) was made.

This non-profit organization was born in 1985 with the mission of achieving full integration into society of people with mental disorders, improving their quality of life both for those who suffer and their families and the implementation and maintenance of services both medical and labor.

“We work with people who have various mental health problems and the idea of the centres in which we work is to promote, with all the resources that we have around us, a greater integration of this group into society. We seek to integrate them into society, but also to encourage them to practice sport”, says Nekane Azuabarrena, head of the Ibiltzen Benta Berri centre in Agifes.

Thanks to this donation of material, recreational cycling can be implemented in their programs. “Our idea is to promote walks around the different bidegorris that we have in our city. Some of the people we work with were bike lovers, but in some cases unfortunately they do not have the resources to buy or get one,” concludes Azuabarrena.

(automatic translation, sorry for mistakes)