Carlos Javier Mozos and Christian Silva are two of the ambassadors of the Idemticos project of the Contador Foundation who will take part this coming Monday 12 September in the ‘Camino por el Cambio con Amazon’ initiative. The e-commerce giant and the Contador Foundation are joining forces to promote greater visibility of groups with functional diversity.

The initiative, in which Idemticos ambassadors, a group of Amazon workers who have joined the initiative and Alberto Contador himself will share pedalling, will take the form of the 39 kilometres that separate Arzúa and Santiago de Compostela, a last testimonial stage of the Xacobea route. In order to make some preparations, several ambassadors and members of the Foundation met at the headquarters of the Plaza Éboli Cycling Academy in Pinto. Along with Silva and Mozos, Eva Moral, Alejandro Montero and Gonzalo García Abella were present.

“I am delighted with this collaboration between Amazon and the Idemticos project of the Contador Foundation, I think it is something exceptional”, says Mozos, who sends a message: “If with this action we achieve that any person with disabilities, which unfortunately there are many who are more introverted, it is more difficult for them to go out on the street or meet with other groups, if with this action just one person sees the option of going out on the street, of being helped, of feeling integrated, I am totally satisfied”.

“Although there is a lot of talk about integration, inclusion, etc., there is still a lot to do and a lot to improve. Actions like this in which we are given visibility, in which there is interaction with people without disabilities, in which we are going to do an activity on an equal footing, in which we are going to demonstrate that it can be done in the same way, reinforce our arguments. Like any other person, we improve ourselves on a daily basis. We have a handicap, disability, but we have to overcome it and be transparent. Actions like this help us in particular, but also society in general”, he adds.