The Fundación Alberto Contador, AMP Pinto and the Madrid Sports Federation for the Intellectually Disabled (FEMADDI) have joined forces to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.

Cycling is the fundamental activity around which this agreement revolves. The three institutions are promoting a collaboration agreement to overcome the administrative barrier that will also allow people with intellectual disabilities to cycle.

Until now, this group has not had the same consideration as other groups with functional diversity when it comes to managing licences or gaining access.

From the Alberto Contador Foundation and the AMP Association we have been working for months to implement a programme that allows the integration in the Cycling Academy and Adapted Cycling to all interested people, with and without disabilities, who want to practice cycling.

The signing of the protocol was staged by Ángel Arévalo, on behalf of Femaddi, Margarita Medrano, on behalf of the AMP, and Francisco Javier Contador, representing the Fundación Contador.