“I have a great time with my colleagues in the bubble of the association, we have a good time and at the same time we can help groups”

Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA is a project that goes beyond two wheels. It is an integrative initiative that seeks and promotes the generation of dynamics of help and cooperation. Before a trip, for example, its vehicles are available to other institutions that want to join in a specific aid action, as has happened in some experiences in Morocco. Conversely, their bike deliveries can also be part of broader campaigns, as has been done on several occasions with NGO. There is strength in numbers.

 One of the most satisfying aspects of the project is the close collaboration with AMP Somos Diferencia, an association that works with people with functional diversity and their families. Every week, some of its members come to the Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA facilities to spend a couple of hours in the morning servicing and tuning the bicycles that are generously donated to the Seur collection points. An activity in their calendar of activities, but not just another activity.

César is one of the regulars and there is rarely a week when he does not accompany Ángel López, the project’s Logistics Manager. “I really enjoy being here. I learn about bicycles, I have a great time with my colleagues in the association’s bubble, we have a good time and at the same time we can help groups that perhaps don’t have the resources to have a bicycle. I like it. I feel good. I like helping bikes to have this second use. And with Ángel we have a great time and he helps us a lot”, he points out.

In the last experience they had a visit from Alberto Contador, who is always up to date with the day-to-day activities of his Foundation and who has a very special relationship with the AMP. “Alberto is a very nice guy, very pleasant. And he knows a lot about bicycles. That’s why when he comes to see how we are doing and we chat, I like being here even more. It’s a plus of confidence”, he concludes.