Bases of the IV Solidarity Awards Ananta Foundation – Alberto Contador Foundation


Ananta Foundation and Alberto Contador Foundation convene their “IV Solidarity Awards Fundación Alberto Contador Ananta Foundation” aimed at Associations or Foundations that carry out their activities and projects count on limited resources.

The purpose of these awards is to help economically by awarding three specific assignments to three national and international cooperation programs, with a total amount of € 22,500.

In both cases the Foundations or Associations that opt ​​for these awards must prove their registered office in Spain, and those with international programs must also have signed the corresponding protocols of partnership with a local counterpart / NGO.

The IV Solidarity Awards will be delivered on Friday, October 20, 2017 in a supportive dinner that will take place in Pinto.

The total economic endowment of the prizes is of 22,500 € disaggregated as follows:

  • 1st National and International Prize, endowment of € 5,000 each.
  • 2nd National and International Prize, € 3,750 each.
  • 3rd National and International Prize, endowment of 2,500 € each. Can join in this initiative as collaborators companies and individuals who wish to take charge of any of these awards, financing them in whole or in part. For the evaluation of the Ananta Foundation awards And Alberto Contador Foundation will invite a jury formed by no less than 8 people, who will fail to award the prizes according to compliance with the required bases. Deadline set:

The deadlines are as follows:

  • March 15, 2017: publication of these databases on the websites of Ananta Foundation and Alberto Contador Foundation, and dissemination of the same.
  • 1 April to 15 June 2017: reception of applications.
  • September 23, 2017: award failure.
  • October 20, 2017: awards ceremony.


Contest rules:

FIRST: The awards are destined to Foundations / Associations with headquarters in Spain that fulfill the following three requirements: (1) that in 2016 have had incomes lower to 120,000 €; (2) carrying at least two full fiscal years constituted as such Foundations or Associations with the same corporate purpose with which they are presented to these prizes; (3) already have some program in place, i.e., the project submitted to the awards is not the first action to be implemented by the Foundation or the Association.

SECOND: Of all the projects / programs presented, the jury will award 6 projects for the benefit of the people: 3 of national category and 3 of international category. The projects / programs of international category will have as beneficiaries people residing outside of Spain. Those of national category will have as beneficiaries people who are in Spain whatever their nationality. The winning projects will have to justify the prize a year of having been awarded.

THIRD: The Foundation or Associations that have been beneficiaries of some of the prizes awarded at the I, II and III Solidarity Awards Fundación Alberto Contador Alberto Contador (2014, 2015 and 2016, respectively), nor clubs or Sports associations

FOURTH: The prizewinners must collect their prizes attending personally to the act of delivery scheduled on October 20, 2017, being a necessary condition for the receipt of the prize attendance to said act.

FIFTH: The organizers reserve the right to declare the prizes, totally or partially.

SIXTH: In case of doubt regarding the beneficiaries of the entities that present themselves to these prizes, the organizers reserve the right of admission of candidacies.

SEVENTH: Candidates should send their proposal to the following e-mail addresses:

The proposal should only include the following PDFs numbered from one to five and that should be separated, as detailed below:

PDF 1 (6 pages maximum): Summary of the proposal

  1. Name of project and category to which you opt (national or international).
  2. Name, identification and objectives of the Foundation / Association; Mail and contact telephone number of the person submitting the proposal; List of the persons forming the Board of Trustees and / or the Board of Directors; Link to website.
  3. Brief description of the programs carried out by the Foundation / Association. 4. Explanation of the project / program.
  4. Duration and location of the project / program.
  5. Number of volunteers and material resources needed.
  6. Total cost and budget of the project / program.
  7. Beneficiaries of the project / program and sustainability to continue in the future.

PDF 2:

Economic balance of the Foundation / Association of the last year, that is: Report and CCAA official 2016 signed by the Board of Trustees or by the Board of Directors. The entire report must be included.

PDF 3 (only for NGOs with a program outside Spain):

Protocol signed with the local counterpart.

PDF 4 (if applicable, therefore optional):

Report of activities 2016.

PDF 5 (if applicable, therefore optional):

Audit Report 2016.

Pinto (Madrid), March 15, 2017