The Nuestra Señora de la Providencia School in Pinto has been the last educational center where the En Bici project of the Alberto Contador Foundation has been developed in recent days.

With Felix García Casas as monitor, the students of third, fourth, fifth and sixth of primary studies have received during two days this formative activity closely linked to the world of the bicycle.

Notions of mechanics and types of bicycles, as well as a thorough review of road safety issues related to two wheels are part of this extracurricular proposal in which there are also relevant presentations of the activities of the Foundation, both sports and its more social aspect.

“Another of the major objectives that the project has within the schools is to encourage the use of the bicycle as an alternative means of transport, in this case for children to go to school by bike, and of course raise awareness of the problems of motor vehicles in relation to pollution,” recalls García Casas.

The teaching of these courses is possible in great part to the Galiana Program that promotes and supports the city council of Pinto as a complement to the common study plans of all the centers. “We try to promote the use of the bicycle in a recreational-sports aspect as a form of health maintenance and initiation to the sport, but always under safety guidelines both in the mechanical elements of the bicycle and in responsible driving,” he concludes.

The CEIP Europa, the CEIP Isabel la Católica and the San José de Calasanz primary and secondary school, all of them also located in the town of Pinto, Madrid, have been some of the previous stops of En Bici since the course began.

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