The Foundation

We are a non-profit organization with the mission to raise awareness of stroke, the disease that Alberto suffered, making society aware of the symptoms, preventive measures and how to act when it occurs. On the other hand, we want to promote the use of bicycles as a means of sustainable transport and healthy activity, as well as to help anyone regardless of their physical, social or economic condition to ride a bike.

Our vision is to be with those people who by themselves are not able to obtain a bicycle or have the means at their disposal to get them or to be able to practice cycling in the right conditions. 

All this through values that identify all the projects we develop such as respect, sacrifice, honesty and companionship.

Objetive 1

Promotion of use of bikes and cycling in general

  1. In general, any activity that promotes, encourages, disseminates and develops cycling.
  2. Distribution of bicycles to groups at risk of exclusion.
  3. To raise society’s knowledge and awareness of cycling as a source of health.
  4. Promote the regular use of bicycles as a sustainable mode of transport.

Objetive 2

Fight against brain stroke

  1. To raise awareness among the general population and the health authorities of the enormous social and health impact of stroke.
  2. To improve the general population’s knowledge of stroke, especially its symptoms, preventive measures and how to act when it occurs.
  3. To help stroke patients to have better neurological care.
  4. In general, any activity that is beneficial to raise awareness of stroke.