Bicis para la Vida by Škoda returns to Morocco with the Škoda Titan Desert and the energy of a beautiful personal story

Each and every Bicis para la Vida by Škoda delivery is equally special. Because of the generosity and affection that comes from the donors, whether they are individuals or institutions; because of the enthusiasm and commitment of all the volunteers who contribute their grain of sand for the development of the project; and of course, and this is the most special thing, because of the looks, the smiles, the lights in their eyes, the happy rictus and the enthusiasm that floods everything from those who receive the donations.

The return of Bicis para la Vida by Skoda to Morocco, for the second consecutive year as part of the Škoda Titan Desert, has brought with it a new delivery of material and the realisation of a beautiful and long-awaited happy ending to a donation that was made last year at this time and that could not be made due to a logistical issue, hours, but impossible to remedy. On this occasion, the project has delivered 14 bicycles for the children of the Hassilabied association, near Erg Chebbi and Merzouga and not far from Maadid, the final destination of the 2024 edition. A range of different types and sizes of equipment. But with the presence of a very special unit: a red Trek bike.

“Both things and people have their stories”, said Edu Pinto, the donor of the bike, at the time. Edu, a bike enthusiast, explained how this bike had delighted his father for many years. “My love of mountain biking comes from him,” he recalled. “One year we gave him the bike of his dreams and that was more than 15 years ago. With it he has cycled thousands of kilometres, three Camino de Santiago, and so on. Like everything else, you end up getting very fond of it. In the end my father switched to a 29” bike. But he was so fond of this bike that he didn’t want to part with it. So we kept it in the attic. It would have stayed there for life. “This gift has been with me for 15 years; it has accompanied me in silence and has been my faithful companion on hundreds and hundreds of rides. I hope that whoever receives it helps him in his day-to-day life”, wished for his part the father, Josep M. Pinto.

Edu Pinto donated the bike in April 2023, in the context of the preparations for last year’s Titan Desert trip.
However, due to logistical circumstances, his mount ended up being left out of the expedition.A bike with so many passions behind it had to receive its second life where its donors wanted it most.A year earlier, Eduardo explained about the donation: “We are very excited about it, we will say goodbye to it, but for a great cause.To help young and not so young people so that they can travel to school or work in their daily lives”. Finally, that wonderful bike that delighted his father was delivered this Thursday along with thirteen other mounts.From the Bikes for Life by Škoda project, from Škoda and from the Contador Foundation we would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.There are no better or worse deliveries.They are all different.And they all have a story behind them.And from time to time it is worth remembering them.