Diego Pablo Sevilla, victory and leadership in the Cup of Spain

The Madrilenian Diego Pablo Sevilla scored the victory in the second round of the Cup of Spain junior, held in Sant Boi, which also earned him the provisional overall lead thanks to his fourth place in the race of Vila-Real, who won the previous weekend teammate Enric Mas, ninth.

The race, that started in Navás and finished in  Sant Boi, has required a hard work to the team Specialized-Foundation Alberto Contador to control, since it formed two large groups ahead, with thirty riders each, which failed to get into the leader of the Cup of Spain, Enric Mas.

The excellent work of the men of Jose Luis de Santos, among others Álvaro Cuadros, Iosu Angoitia and Cristian Torres, sacrificing for the team paid off, while Fran Pérez and Juanjo Pazos, who had gone ahead, also stopped to give a hand and got the peloton finally were grouped. Ahead was long escaped Juan Camacho (Castillo de Onda), which was hunted at 10 kilometers to go, where counterattacked his teammate Carretero who was followed by Diego Pablo Sevilla.