Alberto Contador: “The Vuelta is even tougher than in 2012”

Alberto Contador made ​​today a tough workout with the rest of his teammates of Tinkoff-Saxo in Gran Canaria, where he is from last January 8 performing a stage of preparation. That has kept him from the official presentation of the Vuelta a España, but still has followed with interest the news about the 2014 Vuelta and these are his impressions.

How do you see the parcours of the 2014 Vuelta, with 8 finishes in mountain pass, three more up hill, 3 time trial … ?

I think that has followed the format of recent years, which is what gives spectacle and what people want. The balance is in favor of the pure climbers. It is true that there are many up hill finishes, especially if we think on the bonuses, which are assuming great importance in recent years.

Concerning the time trials, in the first there will be not many differences, the second also favors climbers , because it starts with a climb and that will do minimal differences, and the last is only 10 kilometers long, but can always help if you are in a few seconds. You never know.

Do you like it?

If I have legs, of course I like it. You must be aware that it will be the second big tour after the Tour de France, that I want to do at hundred percent. For me it is unknown what my performance will be in the Vuelta after riding the Tour.

Regarding that last yu did in 2012, it is more or less hard or are on the same line?

It is even harder from the point of view that has many finishes that are even longer than those in 2012 and that encourages me because it’s not as explosive, because riders with more explosives can always take time on me in a kilometer with a huge percentage … but it all depends on the legs you have.

You could not go to the presentation because you’re in the Canaries. How do you feel  right now?

I am here enjoying the lovely weather and I have a calmer, more organized preparation than last year. Things are going pretty well, I have to keep working, doing my best and I hope that can be noticed during the season.

Are you encouraged by how you see yourself now?

I ‘m encouraged not only by how I look now, but because I am always an optimistic person who enjoys what he does. It’s nothing new.