Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA collaborates with a new therapeutic experience at the Adult Day Hospital of the Pere Mata Group in Reus

The Adult Day Hospital of the Grup Pere Mata in Reus received on Friday morning about twenty bicycles from the Bicis per la Vida by ŠKODA project of the Contador Foundation. With this donation a new therapeutic experience will be launched in the medical centre that will have a double line of work.

Ten of the bicycles, ready to be used after being checked and tuned up by the Pinto WPA, will firstly enable the implementation of a series of activities linked to the promotion of exercise and the adoption of healthy and sporting habits.

Another ten, requiring various actions, will initially serve as a test bed for a newly created repair workshop which will be provided as part of the various participatory proposals introduced in the reintegration process.

One of the objectives of the project’s promoters is to set up a bicycle collection centre in the future, which would be set up by all the workshop participants with the aim of selling them at a solidarity price for people with limited resources. This income will be used for the maintenance and materials of the workshop.

The occupational therapist Vanesa Pujol is one of the people responsible for an interesting project that seeks to improve physical health and encourage healthy habits among the population, to encourage the process of occupational recovery of people and promote the use of bicycles as a means of economic, efficient and sustainable transport.