Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA delivers 14 bikes for projects promoted from the Church of Santa Anna in Barcelona

The Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA project travelled to Catalonia this weekend to deliver fourteen bicycles to the church of Santa Anna in Barcelona, a church located near Plaza Catalunya, which will use them for its important social projects focused on the fight against social vulnerability and presbyopia.

Many people forced to live on the streets, three out of four in Barcelona, are migrants. And their conditions for turning their situation around are very unfavourable. The community of the church of Santa Ana is the backbone of different lines of action to help them find a way out. One of them is its field hospital, which provides assistance and support.

Sport is also another proposed avenue. For this reason, a couple of seasons ago they created the Atlètic Missatgers de la Pau indoor football team, a team made up of young people, mainly North Africans, who were in Catalonia in an irregular situation and without any possible family guardianship during their minority years.

The bicycles delivered will be used for the different projects and needs of the church, but will also allow some members of the team to travel to both training sessions and matches, a key task for the continuity of the project given the lack of their own pitch and the need for some volunteers to carry out this work on match days. Some training sessions take place in towns near Barcelona, such as Badalona.