The third donation of the project Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA took place this Friday, February 28, in the town of Tortosa, Tarragona. Ángel López, responsible for the logistics of the initiative, handed over nineteen bicycles to the ACRES Association, based in this capital city of the Catalan region of the Baix Ebre.

ACRES, an acronym (in spanish) for Aid to Groups at Risk of Social Exclusion, is the result of the concerns of a group of professionals from the social field in the area of the population of Tarragona with regard to the situation of unaccompanied foreign minors (MENAS) when they reach the age of majority.

This team of volunteers considered that these young people were absolutely unassisted in a sudden way and devised a project, AMAL, through which to attend to some of their needs. Their plan of action collaborates closely with two entities such as Cáritas or Blanquerna, which help in the accompaniment and facilitate the apartments where the fifteen young people, mostly from Morocco, live.

Through this donation, ACRES will be able to set up a series of leisure and transport-related activities with these young people, not only in the town of Tortosa but also in different parts of the area; activities which, in short, will allow a better transition from minority to adulthood in a controlled environment, with advisors and qualified personnel.

“The fundamental objective is to minimize their situation of vulnerability and social exclusion, which they are exposed to when they are expelled from the protection system upon reaching the age of majority,” ACRES points out.

(automatic translation, sorry for mistakes)