Calasanz School in Pinto collects 21 bicycles for Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA from its school community

The Calasanz School of Pinto delivered 21 bicycles to the Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA project of the Contador Foundation on Monday, a few mounts that students of this school collected in their family environments.

The collection took place this Monday in the courtyard of the centre’s facilities, with the youngest students present, and was attended by some of the children from the AMP Association, who will be fine-tuning them in the project’s facilities over the next few days.

Noemí, Sergio and Mario were some of the ambassadors of AMP and had the opportunity to explain to the attendees what Bikes for Life by SKODA is about, what their work is within the project and other curiosities about which the children wanted to ask them.

The Calasanz School launched this collection campaign at the end of November and continued it until after the Christmas holidays and the Three Wise Men festivities. Of the 21 bikes collected, specified a poster made by the children, 3 are large bikes, 5 are medium-sized, 6 are small bikes and 7 are very small.