Finalists and winners of the II Ananta Foundation Alberto Contador Foundation Solidarity Awards

Dear friends of Ananta:

We are very pleased to inform you that yesterday, Saturday 27th June, the voting and decision of the Jury on the II Solidarity Awards Ananta Foundation Alberto Contador Foundation was held.

The Jury was formed by the following people: Marta Sáez, Eva Santos, Begoña de Pablo, Berta Grasset, Francisco Salvatierra, Antonio Romero, Francisco Romero, Ignacio Pi, Carlos Córdoba and José Maria Márquez Gopala.

The nominations that reached the final and the award winners are as follows:

National Category:


1- Fundación Andrea (Santiago de Compostela): “La Casita” programme for assisting families with children in long-term hospital care.

2- Asociación Plataforma Antequera Solidaria (Antequera, Málaga): shelter for mothers with children at risk of social exclusion.

3- Asociación Lucha y Sonríe por la Vida, Alusvi (Seville): “Adelante” project to support cancer patients.

4- Fundación Tutelar Kyrios (Madrid): “Sociabilitas” project, supporting autonomy for people with limited intelligence.

5- Lucas Koch Foundation (Madrid): “Smiles on wheels” project, purchase of bicycles adapted for people with severe disabilities and high dependency needs.

6- Ampao Foundation (Alcobendas, Madrid): project “For quality leisure with people with intellectual disabilities”.


First Prize, endowed with €9,000: Andrea Foundation (Santiago de Compostela)

Second Prize of €6,000: Asociación Plataforma Antequera Solidaria (Antequera, Málaga)

Third Prize of €3,000: Asociación Lucha y Sonríe por la Vida, Alusvi (Seville).
International Category:


1- Amigos Solidarios (San Sebastián): construction of a primary school for the development of vocational training in Bujagali, Uganda.
2- Asociación Intercultural Bwato (Alcorcón, Madrid): Mont Gnafula human growth centre in Kinshasa, DR Congo.
3- Asociación Amigos de Nyumbani (El Bolao, Madrid): Solar Seed project in Nyumbali, Kenya.
4- Fundación Acción Geoda (Madrid): construction of a community house for women and children in Megdaz, Morocco.
5- Asociación Gossas (Tres Cantos, Madrid): construction of a dining room in the Gossas Welfare Centre, Gossas, Senegal.
6- Asociación Creo Desarrollo (Madrid): maintenance of family ties for girls and adolescents at the Hogar Abrigo Guadalupe, Guadalupe, Paraguay.


First Prize, endowed with €9,000: Fundación Acción Geoda (Madrid)

Second Prize, endowed with €6,000: Amigos Solidarios (San Sebastián)

Third Prize of €3,000: Asociación Amigos de Nyumbani (El Bolao, Madrid)

The prizes will be awarded on Friday 23 October at a charity dinner to be held at the Hotel Princesa de Eboli in Pinto, Madrid.

The Ananta Foundation and the Alberto Contador Foundation would like to thank all the nominations received for their work and effort to present themselves for these II Solidarity Awards. They would also like to thank the work carried out by the Jury with great commitment and dedication, and the support of the people and companies that have contributed to the financing of these awards. Unfortunately, we cannot award all the nominations, but we can recognise their effort and dedication to others. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this. And of course, we would like to warmly congratulate the six award winners.

Together, we add up!

With affection.

Ananta Foundation
Alberto Contador Foundation