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Alberto Contador receives the Medal for Sporting Merit awarded by Zaragoza City Council

The cyclist Alberto Contador received the Medal for Sporting Merit City of Zaragoza 2018 at the Sports Gala held this afternoon at the City Hall of the Aragonese capital. The Mayor of Zaragoza, Pedro Santisteve, presented this award, granted unanimously by all the municipal groups on the Board of Directors of the Zaragoza Deporte company.

The event also recognised the merit of the people and entities that stood out during the past year for their achievements, their European and world titles, and those who passed away or said goodbye to their careers after a fruitful career in the world of sport.

The Zaragoza Sports Gala 2018 recognised the sporting achievements and the work of people, clubs and groups who strive every day to promote the values of sport.

Javier Floristan and Elena Corzán accompanied Alberto Contador during the presentation of the medal. The sportsman recognised the importance that the city of Zaragoza has for him, not only in sporting terms, but also for the organisation of his foundation’s campus and thanked La Mafia sits at the table for their collaboration in its realisation.