The Fundación Alberto Contador Cycling Academies Race celebrates its sixth edition on October 1st

The date, Sunday 1 October. The traditional route of the neighbourhood of La Tenería de Pinto will be the stage that will host one more year the Fundación Alberto Contador Cycling Academies Race, the sixth edition that takes place and once again the last race of the Madrid calendar of school cycling of the road season.

The course, on a completely flat two-kilometre circuit that will start and finish at Avenida Juan Pablo II, will begin to host the federated races of the different categories from 10.00 am. In recent years, the event has attracted a large number of participants from both the Community of Madrid and other Autonomous Communities, and even some foreign cyclists from Italy, France and Portugal.

Beforehand, at 9.30 a.m., a popular, non-competitive event will be held, aimed at all children who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the races. This test, free of charge, and without discrimination as to the type of bicycle, has limited registrations that must be formalised on the website of the Escuela Ciclista Plaza Éboli.

The bibs for the popular race, as well as the ‘runner’s bag’ that each participant will receive, can be collected at the headquarters of the Fundación Contador Cycling Academy, located in the Plaza Éboli Shopping Centre, on Friday 29th from 18:00-20:00 hours (recommended) or the same day of the race, prior to its celebration.

Álvaro García, head of the Plaza Éboli Cycling Academy: “With regard to this new edition of the Foundation’s School Race, what we would most like is to be able to increase the participation of the popular race that we organised previously. We would like to see many girls and boys enjoying the experience of riding on the circuit, which will be the same as in previous years. This type of event can be an incentive, a stimulus and a gateway for new children to get involved in cycling. Several of the new members who have joined our school were participating last year in these open and popular events. From here we call on all the people of Pinto and the surrounding area, especially but not only, to come and enjoy this beautiful morning of cycling”.

Fran Contador: “One of the biggest attractions of the return after the summer break is the return of our cycling school activities. It’s the most authentic cycling, it’s the fun bike with friends. Today’s cycling is moving towards an enormous professionalisation already in the early categories and the cycling schools fortunately continue to keep out of this trend. Working with the girls and boys of the school is very gratifying, it is enjoying cycling in a fun way, it is valuing a different means of transport, totally sustainable and absolutely beneficial for health. It is an activity that keeps them active and socialises them at the same time. In this sense, the promotion of competition in itself has never been a priority for the school, but the children themselves are the ones who end up opening the door, they are the first ones who want the weekend to come and go to the races, and on that road they will always find our support and our accompaniment”.

“The Cycling Academy Race was born with the idea of proposing a nice day of cycling, coexistence and fellowship with other schools both from Madrid and from other parts of Spain and we return for the sixth time with this healthy and firm objective. We would like to thank the Pinto City Council for their collaboration and for all the facilities”, adds Contador.

The sixth edition of the Fundación Alberto Contador Cycling Academy Race has the support of the Pinto City Council, the Plaza Éboli Shopping Centre, the E.Leclerc hypermarket company, the Éboli Gastro Restaurant, the Sercotel Princesa Éboli, the Coffe Bar Emalú and the bicycle company Aurum Bikes.

[📷 Marian Molina]