The Plaza Éboli Cycling Academy attends the FMC track sessions at the Galapagar velodrome

The road season for cycling academies closed a few weeks ago and mountain biking has taken a lot of weight in the weekly activities of the Plaza Éboli Cycling Academy held by the Fundación Contador. However, at the same time, new and educational incentives come from the work of the Academies Commission of the Madrid Cycling Federation (FMC) and the track cycling classes that it promotes for all interested members of the academies of the Community of Madrid. A large representation of the Plaza Éboli Cycling Academy went on the afternoon of Wednesday 8th November to the Galapagar velodrome to learn more about this dynamic discipline which provides so much in terms of technique and skills to the practitioners of this sport under the guidance of Luciano Lingres, head of the Academies Road Commission and regional coach.

[📷 David Gómez 🙏💙 ]