On Monday, Bizzis Team and BiciLab presented Francisco Javier Contador, representing the Alberto Contador Foundation, which promotes the project, with a cheque for 3,090 euros that will go to Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA. This was the amount raised by both entities in the framework of their sporting challenge ‘Bizzis Algarve Solidario’ launched with the collaboration of Wehelpic.

At the beginning of March, an expedition of 36 cyclists representing both organisations took part in the three-day Algarve Bike Challenge mountain bike race in the Portuguese town of Tavira. At the same time, both turned their participation into a solidarity fundraising challenge.

This Monday, the fundraising ceremony took place at the project’s facilities and was attended by Carlos Martín, from Bizzis Pinto, Jorge Ocaña, on behalf of Bici.Lab, and Beatriz Rey, on behalf of Wehelpic.

Paco Romero, head of the Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA project within the Contador Foundation: “When people want to help you in any way, shape or form, it’s a sign that what you do arouses interest and attention. I wouldn’t dare say that it is considered or perceived as something necessary, because there are many problems in the world every day and the urgencies and priorities are obviously different, but it does fulfil a function, it helps, it adds up, it motivates and pushes more projects, or other projects, to continue contributing grains of sand so that our present is a little better every day. That is why this donation, for which we are deeply grateful because it is the representation of small efforts and sacrifices and many good intentions”.

Francisco Javier Contador: “We are very grateful to Wehelpic, BizzisTeam and Bici.Lab for their consideration of our project Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA, a very gratifying project that year by year has been growing, reaching more people and involving more people, groups and institutions. That they have wanted to support it from their sporting challenges as an incentive and motivation is a source of pride and a sign of the importance of sporting activity as a means of transmitting messages and serving as a vehicle for synergies. Thanks to their generous donation we will be able to continue working to give a second life to the bikes that people continue to donate to us through Seur”.